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The wind, you can’t see it, but you feel it.

“Wind” presented by THEATER MADAM BACH, is invites the audience to travel with the wind. This performance is like a poem, softly chanting, with the various images and strength of the wind.

Wind is the natural phenomena, invisible, untouchable, but when it occurs, our body skin can touch it or feel it. The show uses different items, such as wind wheel, folding fan, electric fan,  plastic bags, paper, leaves, and so on. Through the visual which elaborate by the performers,  we can see the wind. Through instruments such as the organ playing, we can hear the wind.

This is a show that makes our senses together.

The winds rises, it’s singing, it blown kites and balloons up to the sky, it makes sailboats sailing on the sea, it makes the flag sway, it also can changes the shape for the clouds. Eventually, It makes the whole world dancing in the wind .

When the wind stopped, we miss it secretly, and hope it will come again. Strong winds, we will hear the wind howl, and it can blow an elephant into the air, it can move our home position. As the leaflets say, the show is suitable for 2-6 year olds, and I’m sure that adult audiences will enjoy too.

Although the two performers try to introduce the wind to us, but through the narrative explaining, their intention are more in-depth and multi-oriented understanding. In addition to the beautiful language, they also use a variety of props, to show the audience the wind dynamic, the beautiful and the power of the wind.

All in all, this show is like a breeze, the audience feel comfortable during the performance, and I would like to recommend it to everyone.

During RICCA RICCA FESTIVAL in Okinawa, the scorching sun make me believe that each participant are full of gratitude and hope for WIND.

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