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I have to skip to Day 3 to return to this blog, as Day 2 was super a hectic preparation for the presentation session! I hope everyone enjoyed the sharing, but I guess it is certain that the fun begins after the sharing, when the performance & actual discussion begins.

With the “Three Little Songs” Company

While the big 2017 Family is being divided into two, the fun just multiplies when Team Minions AKA Caleb and Kung Yu watched “Pling Little Thing”, and “AGAIN”; while Team Star Facilitators Adjjima and Dara watched “One Morning I Left”; and the entire family simply watched “Three Little Songs” together to end the day.

The discussion and mix of the family is truly inspiring, and I love how we are so engage into it, that we must continue the discussion at the Hotel Lobby until almost midnight. The more I spent time with the group, the more I am enjoying this experience. 

Next time when you see us, a big group of people strolling around NAHA CITY, please feel free to say hi, we might spoil our secret ice cream place, or favourite onigirito you~  Dont be afraid ~ we are just a slightly bigger team that’s all. kekeke

And to recap, Day 2 we travelled all the way to Shuri, visited the office space of ACO Okinawa, and most importantly enjoyed two workshops with the world TYA participants. I am skipping all the details here, as you will definitely read them from the participants serious reports XD To sum up, we had a fun day watching artists create, experienced the Pink Feet, enjoyed some game time ourselves and sneakpeek-ed a very nice musical session.

By the way, if you are ever passing by the Festival Office/ Ticket Centre, maybe you will meet him at the park. Just say hi, I think he understands every language! This kitty is super adorable..and lazy!!


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