I learned that the friendship built there became an evidence that I am not alone in this work.
Gunawan Julianto (Indonesia)

Joining Asian TYA Network Programme cannot be separated from experiencing shock culture due to cultural differences. I made mistake there for several reasons. For example, Okinawa’s longer daytime than the usual time I accustomed to made me misunderstand time. The 2-hour time difference from my home sometimes confused my body, too. Language also caused confusion.

Thanks to the committee whose patience to guide me helped me a lot, even though I know they probably tried not to get angry with me. Ha ha ha.. I’m sorry. Next time will be better.

The idea to make Asean network is constructive to any of our friends’ efforts to work with the young generation. Every participants’ sharing of their experiences and the discussions were so inspiring that made me excited to keep working. I learned that the friendship built there became an evidence that I am not alone in this work. I feel so much encouraged to know that there are many friends in the field that I believe I can do more and more with new ideas.

Management of ricca ricca festa 2018 organized the event very well. They showed discipline. Everyone did their job well. They were helpfull to the participant. They give me a good example that I can apply with my organization.

The performances gave me new ideas.

  • A Tree and a Boy, Little Pobon and the Moon, Giraffes, White, for example, showed me that well managed simple properties and daily life stories can be changed into surprising shows.
  • Shiijya Dance Project, which involve survivors, showed a beneficial trauma healing activity. It may become precious documentation for the next generation, too. It is a very important show that offers a model of programs for assisting people with different traumas to survive.
  • Night Light and Cinderella provided inspiring lively and amazing shows.

I was wondering, though, why the festival that was aimed for young audience turned up being viewed by only a small number of young audience. I was also wondering why there were not many young performers taking part in the performances.

Learning from the Asian TYA Network, the international performances, and the culture shock experiences, I would recommend the establishment of an Asian network for teenage children for the next program. It should consist of selected teenagers who represent their generation, their culture, and their countries in international connections.

Asian TYA Network
Gunawan Julianto
Tlatah Bocah

Executive Director (founder)