Sonoko Chishiro
Sonoko has trained in KS Dance and Rambert School of Ballet and Contemporary Dance in UK. She graduated Kent University with BA(hons) degree in 2007. After dancing in a contemporary dance company in Sicily, she came back to Japan and worked as a dancer, interpreter, administrator and dance teacher. In 2013, she completed her MA in policy science at Ryukoku University.  Sonoko believes strongly that dance is for everyone and aiming to create an environment for people to have dance in their local society. She is currently based in Kinosaki and Kyoto, and works as a Dance Practitioner. Since 2016, she is organizing a multigenerational dance classes “Kinosaki Open Dance Class” and founded a non-profit community dance organization “Danstork” in a very historical hot spring town called Kinosaki-Onsen.
Sonoko joined the Asian TYA Network Programme in 2018 as the coordinator.