ricca ricca*festa 2017 Event Report

I’m fully impressed with the chance meeting various and talented people from different countries
Sreyleab Nov (Cambodia)

This is for the first time for me traveling alone from Cambodia to Japan, and I have treated very nicely since the first sight in Japan. I am so grateful being invited to Asian TYA Network Program which is hosted by ricca ricca*festa and Japan Foundation Asian Center. I’m fully impressed with the chance meeting various and talented people from different countries: artists, theater producers, theater directors. The newest feed to me is "the Theater for Young Audiences".

I enjoy every minutes of my time there in Japan! I observe their wonderful achievement is that they have firm supports and interest from both GOV and their citizen. Japanese  people are very appreciated to pay for the arts. Comparing to Cambodia as a developing country, Cambodian arts development remains slow without GOV’s concern, Cambodians people do not have the money to spend on the arts.  Therefore, we have to spend a lot of time, much efforts and money to develop our work.    

What I have learned is

1 / Theater For Young Audience

  • Theater design for children specifically to entertain and constructive educate them through performance. This theater encourages children’s participation for their awareness mentally and physically, sharpening their specific talented and building their strength in interpersonal communication since childhood.
  • I feel those kids are event more potential, greater and greater for future arts.


2 / Differences between theater for kids and adults

  • Theater for children is kind of a playful performance, much funs, and being creative by using a simple acts in daily life.  The performances is in various forms: comedy, music, movement theater, puppet, narrative theater, etc.. Its content is to educate children.
  • Here are  the most favorite among the 12 different shows I have seen during this program: pling little thing, Puzzle, One Morning I left, sticks stones broken bones, Goodbye, Mr.Muffin, and the story from the workshop group 2.  Those shows are important performance in theater inspiring for kids. each and every end of the show, there were questions and answer with performers and leaders about how to process of creation, stories telling, and the purpose for the participate for well understand.

3 / How to create a story
• We can create a play from the stories existed in the book.
• Improvisation creation, the artists initiate the content instantly through children’s activities, and team games.
• I find it special for the cooperative creation by all trainees from various nations.

4 / How to get young children in our country
• Several discussion possible to promote theater in school curriculum or in the public.

• Motivate more participation of teachers and parents and children.

5) The flexibility of the performance of the performers and the leaders
• They can perform anywhere (small and large)
• Size of audience is out of concern.

6 / My feeling
• Asian TYA Network Program is a great program for ideally promote modern arts. Before I entered the program, I never thought about theater for young audience. I just knew that kids could learn faster than the aged people if they learned from childhood. now I begin to think more children and love them than ever!
I like this program are well organized, especially every time we go as a team with the warmest welcome.

7 / Thanks for Asan TYA Network Program, ricca ricca*festa 
I really thank for Asian TYA Network Program , ricca ricca*festa  and  Japan Foundation Asian Center, who organized the event and invited me to attend and study about this program. I am happy with the ideas and planning to perform new creation to my country through my theater troups!


Sreyleab Nov
Battambang Theater Troupe
Festival Director
Participant at ricca ricca*festa