Report of Asian TYA Network at Ricca Ricca Festa 2018

It is a move that everyone is putting their own loyalty in the TYA activities. In the idea of ​​making children have a better life.
Shanshan Zhou (China)

Thanks to Ricca Ricca Festa for giving me the opportunity to participate in the Asian TYA Network event. Through this participation and activities, I not only have a deeper understanding of the current TYA activities in various countries, but also enjoyed many exciting repertoires, and learned more about the form of drama and the development of drama activities.

First of all, the network's event design and arrangement itself is worth learning and recording. Through self-introduction, we learned about the unique development methods of TYA activities in East Asian countries such as Malaysia, Laos, Thailand, Myanmar, etc.; the theme discussion led by particular members allowed the exploration of different TYA activities in different places to be deepened; The special discussion arranged after the performance is to allow everyone to have more direct communication with more artists and groups. In the workshop, everyone learns to discuss their different application methods in the unified activities. Interesting; in the introduction of Scottish Day, not only a one-time contact with many excellent TYA organizations in the UK, but also the British TYA operation mode, it is very exciting.

The daily activities are arranged very closely, as individuals and participants from China. I am very happy to be able to shuttle between the theaters every day, and to discuss work with TYA partners from all over the world. At the beginning, I once said that the development of TYA in China is very difficult because we are in the early stage of a relatively new TYA campaign. Although China has a very long traditional culture background, TYA is still a new topic for our current parents and children. For a long time, we have not used to go to the theater to watch drama, let alone children's drama. Therefore, the practitioners of TYA in China are facing a difficult market development stage.

But after listening to TYA activities in countries such as Laos, our difficulties have become less difficult. In many Southeast Asian countries, everyone needs to face not only market problems, but also more complicated and difficult problems such as religion and social development. However, everyone’s footsteps have not stopped because of this. We have heard that there are TYA activities specially prepared for children with physical disabilities. There are people who have been engaged in TYA activities for nearly ten years without pay for it. There are people who have been established a Art Center in the village allows the whole village to participate in the practice of TYA and artistic and cultural activities... It is a move that everyone is putting their own loyalty in the TYA activities. In the idea of making children have a better life.

Everyday’s TYA Net work activities in Ricca Ricca start at 10 o'clock and end at 10 o'clock, enjoyable and full. At the same time of these hard work, Ricca Ricca Festa staffs also took care of the feelings of each participant, whether it was repeated notices and confirmations during the typhoon on the register day, or the patience and warm answers for various issues in the event. They all shown professional and enthusiastic work attitude.

Although it is regrettable that I have not been able to participate in all the TYA activities, this one week's study and discussion has made extraordinary gains and I hope to have another chance to participate again next year!

Asian TYA Network
Shanshan Zhou
Beijing Lightbox Culture & Art Company
General manager