ricca ricca*festa 2017 Event Report

...hearing the reviews from the rest of the group let us be more objective to understand the thinking.
Ho Shih Phin (Malaysia)

I am grateful to attend the Ricca Ricca*Festa 2017 in Okinawa, to make a brief report for participating in this activityI divided into several parts.

Timetable layout: Although the tight schedule of activities, but I feel very full. Time allocation is very abundant, making the events successfully completed. Of course, sometimes we want to have more time for discussion, but the timing is just right.

Show: Having the opportunity to see so many performances from different countries is a very good way to learn and reference. Each show has its own features, of course, also have uneven standards. Some of the show's content and form are not so suitable for the young audience, maybe it is going in the wrong direction. Even so, I see they have the sincerity to perform well. Some of the ideas and concepts of the show are very mesmerizing, so I started thinking about how to make our own performance to achieve better standards.

Sharing: After watching the show, our sharing time with the performers, is a great arrangement. This gave us the opportunity to further ask about their creative intentions and methods. Particularly we can learn from these experienced artists.

Group discussion: After each show, the group discussion in private exchange is also a good learning. Sometimes we will be subjective while watching a show. But hearing the reviews from the rest of the group let us be more objective to understand the thinking. As a result, we have a much broader and more in-depth discovery.

Report: Letting everyone write a report, is a good task. It allows us to use words to sort what we saw and what we thought for reference and retention.

Party: Buffet-style party, gathering friends coming from all over the world, making new friends and socializing with them was a great arrangement.

Venue: We can go to different venues to enjoy different performances. And the distances between venues are close. The transportation is convenient.

I would like to thank the organizers for the kind arrangement, making the whole process smooth and pleasant. You guys worked very hard to make this a successful event. We are deeply grateful to you.

Ho Shih Phin
New Era University College
Festival Director
Participant at ricca ricca*festa