Participant at ricca ricca*festa
Piewnam Chalermyart
Semathai Marionette Arts for Social Foundation
Vice Chairman & Puppeteer

Piewnam Chalermyart (Nam), born 1964, trained and worked in theatre at Crescent Moon Theatre (1987 - 1998), and worked in areas of culture management and workshop performance at Monta Performing Arts (2000 - Present). Also workshop puppetry run by Michael Meschke and Elisabeth Beijer from Marionette Theatre Institute, Sweden (2002). She was one of the founders of the Semathai Marionette Troupe, a group of local artists in the year 2004. Her work has been a puppeteer and puppet lecturer until now. In the year 2014, puppet troupe has changed to a foundation with  the name Semathai Marionette Art for Social Foundation. It allows the marionette art to serve as a scenario of socialising for both Thai and foreign youths, and for audiences to learn about Thai social context with good insights into the adoption and development of communities.

The foundation has a workshop about how to make and manipulate marionettes for small local schools by focusing on the specific identity of their local. We have integrated and continue to build up the young marionette troupes until they can have marionette groups in their schools. Also setting up “The Youth Puppet Community Thailand”, and a support project by Child Media Network and Thai Health. The Harmony Puppet Festival Project was launched in 2013 with the approach of creating a space for learning the art of puppetry at the Amphawa Chaipattananurak Conservation Project in the Amphawa District of Samut Songkram, Thailand. It created the current model of using regional identities to reach out to individuals who would otherwise have limited access to art. In its first year, the project drew a lot of attention from international puppeteers who expressed interest in its ability to provide the knowledge necessary for youth puppeteer development.


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