Asian TYA Network
Nguyen Hoa My
ATH - Drama & Art Space of Hanoi
Drama Teacher for Children

After graduating from the Paris-Sorbonne University, studying French Literature, Hoa My has been working as an art-based facilitator before being trained in Drama and Improvisation Theatre by Quentin Delorme, a French stage director. Currently, she works as a drama teacher for children at ATH, a theatrical practice space for everyone in Hanoi, founded by Quentin Delorme in 2013, and performs with the theatre company ESCAPE.

In the meantime, she has been studying and practicing Playback Theatre. Along with three other practitioners, she has founded the first Playback Theatre group in Vietnam in 2017. ViPlayback was formed to create an open space for creative experiments in the art of stage performance. ViPlayback also wishes to create the chances to experience Playback theatre for everyone, regardless of profession, gender or age.