Natalie Alexandra Tse
Little Creatures by SA
Tse Zhuoying Natalie Alexandra is a Chinese Zither – Guzheng performer, music educator, and researcher, dedicated to promote the instrumental art form of the instrument in modernity, while retaining its cultural charms.
Natalie picked up the Guzheng at the age of 10. Since then, she has gained varied performance experience both locally and internationally in events such as ‘Spotlight Singapore’ (Moscow), ‘WOMAD’, (Singapore) and ‘Bydgoszcz Musical Impressions’ (Poland) amongst others. She has worked under the guidance of local talents such as renowned singer-songwriter Dick Lee and Cultural Medallion Winner Mr Iskandar Ismail, as well as performed alongside international artistes such as David Tao and Guy Manoukian.
As the co-founder of SA (仨) – A Musical Art Collective with 2 other passionate musicians who use ethnic instruments and techniques interweaved with a tasteful use of electronics. With SA (仨), Natalie has been experimenting with sonic experiences using electronic effects, creating different ambience and enhancing the emotions that are evoked through the Guzheng. SA (仨) has performed at events such as the International Society for Music Education (ISME) World Conference 2016 in Glasgow, Singapore Inside Out (SGIO) 2015 in Beijing, and Shenzhen Fringe Festival 2013 amongst others. The collective has also recently independently toured Japan with their musical art.
Natalie is currently a PhD scholar at the National Institute of Education Singapore, and hopes to research further into the creative processes through improvisation and play in early childhood music education, while promoting her spirit of exploration and experimentation through the Arts. She believes that the Arts has the ability to develop children’s awareness of the diversity of cultures in the world, thereby developing understanding, respect and empathy for others.

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