Lattanakone Insisiengmay (Toh)
Khaoniew Theatre Group
Khaoniew Theatre Group was formally established in 2011 and has been active since to carry out performing related activities. We created a number of theatre plays namely “Khoonlu Nangoua” in 2012 and “Cycle of life” in 2014. In addition, we produced puppet shows titled “Elephant song”, “Broken Dream”, “What”, “4 Seasons” and “Pinocchio”. Khaoniew also co-produced a puppet show with Japanese artists in 2007 and a theatre play with Teatr Piba, a French theatre company.
We have been fortunate to have the opportunities to take part in many international performing arts festivals in many countries such as France, Portugal, Switzerland, Japan, Korea, Singapore, the Philippines, China, Myanmar, Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam. These experiences have broaden our horizons and created for us a meaningful network and relationship with international artists.
In 2015, we started the Vientiane International Performing Arts Festival, and committed to make this festival a yearly highlight where International and Local performers come together to share experiences, show their talents and inspire audiences.
As for the origin of our name, “Khao Niew”, it is the Lao word for sticky rice: a very common, useful and appreciated meal in Laos. We are Lao and proud, and always aspire to create, perform and contribute to Laos, our birthplace.