Khamhou Phanludeth (Tou)
Samsians Graphic Studio / Lao New Wave Cinema
Managing Director / Co-Founder
Khamhou Phanludeth (or Tou) considered himself a creative individual who takes great pride when he can connect to people, projects and life at a deep level. He has been developing an entrepreneurial mindset as a mission in life, and always finds himself very excited with new challenges and opportunities. Tou runs Samsians, a creative studio since 2008 with focus on creative direction, graphic and communications design and print production supervision. He is one of the founders of Lao New Wave Cinema, a pioneering group of Lao film makers with an ambitious goal to revitalize Lao film industry. By embracing new challenges to accept an acting role in “At The Horizon”, the first feature film by the newly formed Lao New Wave Cinema Group in 2011. The role earned him best actor award at the Laos Entertainment Awards in 2012.
Tou was awarded an AusAID Scholarship to study Architecture in Australia from 1998 to 2002 and received an Endeavour Award to formally study Graphic Design from 2012 to 2014 in the hope of improving his self-taught graphic skills. The two trips to Australia have provided a great life experience and set the path towards providing a better contribution to people, society and life.