Participant at ricca ricca*festa
Bui Nhu Lai
Youth Theatre of Vietnam
Head of Drama Group 1

Master of Arts
Stage Director
Head of Drama Group 1 – Youth Theater of Vietnam
Specialist in arts for social development in Vietnam

Bui Nhu Lai is a young and active stage drama director in Hanoi, Vietnam. He is the head of Drama Group 1 at Youth Theater of Vietnam. Not only active in stage drama, he is also experienced in contemporary art stage performance such as puppetry, opera, circus and interactive stage. As a stage drama director, he has collaborated with many directors from over the world such as Thailand, the Philippines, Germany and the U.S, to gain an opened mind and talent. Recently, he focuses on stage performance for young audience through circus art and puppet art and is involved in performance projects to raise the voice of children to be cared for and protected.


ricca ricca* festa 2016