TYA Seminar in Hong Kong

Updated on March 20, 2018 in Other stories
0 on March 20, 2018

For a while, Hong Kong is finally hosting a Seminar on TYA.

Organised by Ming Ri Institute for Arts, the theatre company owned by Mr Simon Wong, whom many of you should know already, the Seminar will take place this week.  Dr. KIM, Sookhee, Chairman of the International Federation of Children and Adolescents (Korean Branch), and Mr Hisashi Shimoyama,  Director of Okinawa International Children and Youth Theater Arts Festival are both invited to share a talk separately on Asian TYA development. 

Check out: http://www.mingri.org.hk/doc/2052 for details!

I might or might not be there hahaha 

Anyways, BTW anyone going to BICT FEST this May?



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