Research trip in Myanmar

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Hello hello!

It has been a long time since I wrote here. Time flies. I cannot believe it is already 2018! 

Happy new year!! I wish you all have an amazing year.


I am currently in Dawei (Myanmar) with Kung Yu and Adjjima for the research trip as part of Asian TYA Network Programme.

New Yangon Theatre Institute (NYTI) kindly accepted us to join their research trip for their new project here. As always our journey is being shared on Instagram (asiantyanetwork) so check that out!

We arrived in Yangon yesterday evening and we took the flight from Yangon to Dawei at noon so we have not seen much yet but just after a few hour stay I am already liking Dawei a lot! It seems like a peaceful quiet area. So looking forward to getting to see more in the next coming days!

This afternoon we met up with the members from NYTI and already heard a lot of interesting stories here. It always surprises me during this research trip that even the countries next to each other have such different environment. 

It has been such a privilege to physically visit the country to learn about the situation around arts and culture for the Asian TYA Network. I will try to share our experience here as much as possible through this blog, instagram and report later. 


OK, dinner time! Bye for now :)



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I think we all need a new profile photo! lol see u super soon!

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