Report for good bye Mr. Muffin

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Hello everyone my name’s sreyleab Nov from Cambodia. ( Battambang Theater ) 

For a week I joined with the Rica Rica festival theater for young audiences.
This is the first time I’ve seen the difference between performance for older people and kids.
Yes, I learned a lot from this program, and I also saw lots of performances

From the 25th to the 27th, I always watched different performances! Yesterday, I watched the story  Good bye Mr. Muffin is a beautiful show with beautiful music and good performers and translators who can put their feelings into the story, especially the puppies, on stage! He uses the little things with the creativity to make a great performance
We can learn a lot from theater!

But for me, in the first time it’s hard to accept this because I lost two members in my family. I’m still in pain because at least I have never learned to take all the problems!
But theater for kids has taught them so small, so the theater for kids is so important for society!…

Thank you very much for your reading!

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