I on the sky

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“Wherever I find myself, the sky will always be the same.”

Its the sentence written for the play of “I on the Sky” by DynamO Theater in Ricca Ricca Festa.



In silence, we will find many things that may be easily overlooked in sight and hearing. In a moment’s silence, perhaps we will be able to feel more. Thats what i feel about the piece, I on the sky. To find yourself as it is drawn to a time where time is unhurried. Just sitting on a bench. Alone. Only with those around that are near. Be able to observe many things and then being more sensitive to feel many things, including pulling further to feel the old feelings to comes back.


I on the sky invites us to feel deeper in a feeling of a memory. Memory of things which are important to the young, the memory of the thing that they like to do and memory of family. However, I on the sky is not just about a memories, but also about a hope.


For the young audience, this piece by DinamO Theater, is a stunning work. One dazzling performance. With the amazing dance and acrobatic movement on the choreography, a simple yet meaningful set design, this piece will definitely grab the attention of the youngs. Performed as a theater without words, this performance build by a complex story structure, but still can be followed by the young audience. The music, composition of Johann Sebastian Bach which is renowned with his musical complexities, strengthen the complexities of the performance.  The music produced the reinforcement of the story, makes I on the sky become a dramatic piece of work.


For me, in Indonesia, this play will gives a new feeling of a unique yet classic performance, and surely will be liked. Although there are parts of the story that might be difficult to understand, part of the story that might be a bit too heavy. As for the cloud projection, as a representation of the space and time, sometimes disturbing the story but still made a powerful scenery. Overall, with the universal kind of story value, this dynamic performance will touch the feelings of each self.



“Wherever I find myself, the sky will always be the same. The sky might be the same, but it gives different feeling for different self.”

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