Hello! こんにちわ! 大家好!

Updated on July 23, 2017 in ricca ricca*festa 2017
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Xanthe is here testing our blogs! 

The blue sky is really lovely in Okinawa, today is my third day in Naha, even though the festival hasn’t even started, but the vibe is already here. Smiling faces, Joyful energy and Anticipation!! 

I got to visit the Himeyuri Peace Hall upon arrival, it was an amazing black box theatre located inside a marketplace! I am fascinated that a theatre can be found in such a location, so closely connected to the community, imagine Diagon Alley from Harry Potter.

After the visit, we visited the Ichiban Gyoza place closeby at the market, I will only disclose the location of this lovely restaurant in person (come say hi! ) but the Gyoza was definitely delicious! Oishi! 

I will update further on my experience at ricca ricca* festa~ hope you enjoy my first post :)

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