Day 7, dare to dream!

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Day 7, and we were closing the programme at the festa today.

It was a long day, when the family was split to watch “Wind” and “Babysauna” early in the morning

We were happy and grateful because all the companies we met has been pouring their heart to discuss and share what and how they develop their TYA, and many are the best among the international stage.

Hopefully it was an enjoyable experience for all the Asian TYA Network Programme 2017 participants. For me I learnt a lot, and get to a bigger understanding about TYA creative process.

Afternoon was when the hardworking begins, the group and also the Asian TYA Network Meeting team, were engaged into a forum, including the sharing of representatives from Cambodia, Myanmar, and South Korea. Then the all participants in the forum discuss on the TYA trend, including how the society, digital century affects TYA, and as well the social responsibility of TYA.

Afterwards, the group was introduced to “Possessed by Love” through an artist talk, before they watch the performance. The performance was really a demonstration of traditional performance arts X TYA.

The highlight of the day was really when the two group merge and close the programme through a hype fishball games, where all participants shared their feedbacks and reflections under the 4 facilitators’ direction. It was an event mix of both happiness and tears. I felt so inspired and satisfied by everyone.

The night closed when the coordinators and assistants enjoyed a nice dinner, with reference to the closing quote from Caleb “The creative adult is the child who survives”, I truly believe “The true TYA producer is one who survives riccaricca*festa and continue supporting it”

Thank you ricca ricca *festa for inviting me again this year :) #daretodream 

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