Day 6, a little more serious about co-productions

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It was a long day, as we started with two keynote lecture about TYA in Japan and International Symposium with representatives coming from 6 different countries.

I enjoyed the Symposium, mainly because it mentioned about the shifting world view and possible potentials in how TYA around the world should response to the constantly changing environment. “Diversity” has became a common word mentioned in the symposium, as no matter in Asia, Europe, or America, if I may say the entire world population is facing different problems and struggles with children on this issues.

A statistic to share: 5.6 m population in Denmark with 150+ theatres for young audience,

How can Hong Kong TYA develop with more than 7m populations?  

What interested me the most is the Table Discussion with the Asian TYA Network Meeting team,

I listened to half of the discussion from the Table whose focus is Co-Productions,

it wasn’t until then, that I realised I have been working in quite a lot of co-productions,

and my first project in TYA, was actually “Superhero” a co-production involving too many countries.

The discussion is thorough and informative, especially like the “firework” metaphor on co-production.

However, by my own experience, I really want to emphasis on the time allow for creative process is very important. In additional, I really hope that co-production are not taking place for the sake of a “co-production”

I enjoyed working with a co-production, but I also regretted in most of the projects, because as a producer, I always realised the potential in the projects however wasted, because of proposals timeline, limited budget (There was one co-production I remembered vividly when actor can’t afford a full meal in one of the tours, simply because his company hasn’t paid him on the project and the per-diem was too little) and of course, a not too satisfying outcome of the production.

Therefore I wonder, sometimes, isn’t it better to create well quality work with your own theatre, before developing a co-productions? Are you already happy with your company’s own production? Was it up standard already? It is as well, a reminder I have for myself when I work as a producer/ project coordinator. Anyhow I am thankful, and shocked to realised, I can no longer underestimate my experience as a TYA / performance arts producer, because now that I come to think of it…I already gained too much experiences. (Thank you to all the companies I have worked with before in HK or Internationally)

To lighten this blog, I went to the game center for an Anpanman yesterday, but I failed…so frustrating as to how much I can spend on this little machine! Anyone wanna help me? LOL

and here we are at Day 7:>

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