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On Day 4, I have watched “Puzzle”, “Again” and “I on the Sky”.

While there were loads of discussion on the artistic, and creative process of the shows, as a producer and often the marketing in-charge of programmes, something caught me after watching “Puzzle”. As you might have learnt from the Company already, that they were in Hong Kong weeks ago.

You can check out Hong Kong’s promotional video here:


And the Hong Kong Chinese name (and also Macau) is actually questionable to its English title, 《蔬果扭扭樂園》 which literally means “The Twisting Vegetables Park”, is offered by Hong Kong and Macau festivals. At first I thought it was two different programmes as to riccaricca*festa “Puzzle” but then I realised it’s the same show, and it’s not really about vegetables, (the only thing I can explain its veggie title is perhaps the colour of the costumes!?)

And then from the Facebook of Šokio teatras Dansema I found a better Chinese title, offered from Shanghai CAT, namely 《翻滾吧寶貝》 literally means “Roll it, Baby”. That makes me realise the importance of a title, because it is mostly the first impression of what and how audiences expect of the show, offered by the artists/ company themselves.

As to the other two performances I watched on Day 4, “Again” is a production where repeating choreography happens, at the same time I do find it could also be the subject matter for the show; while “I on the Sky” a very poetic title, offers literally the motif “Sky” as the setting of the stage.

Relevancy is really important, and I wonder why Hong Kong and Macau offer such a different title. As many of us are festival producers, bringing international programmes to our own origin, I guess it is interesting to bring everyone’s attention over the “titling” and translation of a production. Don’t underestimate the impact of a name or a promotion.

And now, I will let Day 5 begin~ :)

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